ZEISS SmartLife Lens

All-day comfort for today’s busy eyes

Today’s mobile technology and on-the-move lifestyles are stressing our eyes. Frequent gaze changes to and from smart devices can lead to eyestrain. ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are specially designed to support quick and easy peripheral vision for all-day comfort.

zeiss smart life lenses
zeiss smart life lenses

The first complete lens portfolio for a connected and on-the-move lifestyle.

As smart devices and apps have evolved so has the way we interact with them, creating new forms of visual stress that our eyes are not able to keep pace with.

After conducting extensive research on modern habits and visual behaviors, ZEISS has developed an entirely new lens portfolio to help all eyeglass wearers keep up with the times.

The first-of-its-kind ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio is a complete all-day lens offering to address the daily visual needs of modern people. Broad enough to cover all age-related needs, it is specially designed for today’s connected and fast-paced lifestyles.

ZEISS SmartView Technology

The superior science behind ZEISS SmartLife Lenses.

The ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio is founded on consumer insights and scientific research of today’s modern visual behavior and individual age-related vision needs.

The four cornerstones of ZEISS SmartView Technology

Smart Dynamic Optics

State-of-the-art 3D object space-models and design fingerprints adapted to today’s dynamic visual behaviors.

Age Intelligence

Consider the evolution of vision needs at every stage of the lens wearer’s life.

Clear Optics

Provides precision in every step of the process: From advanced eye modeling & design calculation to freeform production & manufacturing.

Thin Optics

ZEISS lens aesthetics with the best balance between optics and thin, light lenses.

zeiss smart life lenses