Soft Contact Lens Do’s and Don’ts


  • Clean and disinfect after each wearing with fresh disinfecting solution.
  • Keep your storage case clean and replace every 3 months.
  • Always wash and rinse hands well before handling contact lenses.
  • Always remove and insert the same lens first. “Pick right or left and stick with it.”
  • Always check to see if lens is inside out or torn. Never put a torn les on.
  • Always put 1 re-wetting drop in eye before removing your contact lenses.

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  • Don’t use disinfecting solution more than one time. Always use fresh solutions daily.
  • Don’t handle a dried out lens until you have placed solution on it and it is hydrated, or put on a new pair.
  • Never wet your lenses with anything other than what is directed by the Doctor.
  • Never sleep in lenses, unless otherwise instructed by the Doctor. If you accidentally fall asleep, flush your eyes with saline or lubricating drops for several minutes before removing lenses.
  • Replace your lenses as prescribed by the Doctor.
  • Don’t use soaps that contain lotions, creams or perfumes. We recommend Neutrogena or ivory soap.
  • Don’t swim in contact lenses. Goggles are helpful, but lenses might still wash out.
  • If eyes get red, cloudy, painful or have vision changes take your contact lenses off and call our office: 623-552-2155.

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